Why Pitch?

Sell you, the real you, in 33 seconds or less.


The Traditional Process

Everyday job seekers run through the gauntlet of searching, networking, emailing, creating a profile and…not hearing back. On average it takes a job seeker over 1 hour to complete an application online, and for what?

250 applicants

Over 250 Applicants

250 applicants

A recruiter spends only 6 seconds reviewing your application. Why? They simply do not have enough time to spend any longer. Every job post online gets over 250 applicants.


Adding To The Pile

Every time you apply to a job online; you are adding to the pile, hoping and praying your application is picked out of the stack. You have a couple of seconds to make an impact and the current methods just won’t cut it. If you’re serious about ending your job search, it's time try something different.


Employers are increasingly aware of how culture affects the work place. Today more than ever, employers are looking and hiring for fit.


How Do I Start?




Start with your name and education. The basics.

Have any cool work experience? Specific experience with this position?

Have a hidden talent? Talk about it, showcase your personality.

or do your own thing..remember, have fun!


Helpful Tips For The Perfect Pitch

  • Project your passion, confidence, enthusiasm and energy. Remember this is your 33 seconds to shine!
  • Practice your pitch! It’s best to go over your pitch a couple times before the final cut. You can rewatch and rerecord your pitch to ensure its perfect.
  • Find the right setting for your pitch so you wont be distracted or interrupted.
  • Be professional. Use appropriate language and dress for the job you want.
  • Set up your presentation, performance or portfolio before you press record.

PitchUpp was created so every job seeker has the chance to make an impact. Creating a PitchUpp profile takes less than 3 minutes. Our profiles are amazingly designed so all of your crucial information is up front and centre and complementary to your video pitch. Give yourself the best chance you can to stand out and show you can contribute to a company’s culture!



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