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0 - 1 years

Job Description:
We are a small renovation, handyman and construction company looking for skilled hands. We are looking for people who like working with there hands, are on the go constantly, can problem solve on the fly, and enjoy customer service. Their are a few job positions we are hiring for. One, for a skilled carpenter, someone who has 5-10 years experience as a project manager or in construction, or someone who can do many different trades and skills. The second position is for someone who is good with tools, has a little knowledge of home renovations and wants to learn how to build things and renovate. A little about our company. We are a small company that wants to be the big name in small renovations and handyman services in Vancouver. We are an always developing company that wants its people to be part of the fun culture. We focus on accountability, communication and developing new ways to improve renovations. If this sounds like a good fit for you please send us a resume with your details, and please have on your resume a hobbies section. Thank you

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