• A hiring manager spends only 6 seconds reviewing candidate applications
  • An employer receives over 250 applications for every job posted online

I finally got in front of the top hiring manger from an amazing company. I waited in a crowd of people for 30 minutes to get my shot. I was qualified, prepared and hungry. I wanted this job and I worked throughout university to get to this position.

As I extended my hand to introduce myself, so did another, and another. The hiring manager was gracious and greeted us all as we stood in an awkward circle. It’s a fine dance to engage, connect and fine common ground with someone you just met while also contributing to a larger group discussion. We all got a couple of sentences in as we could feel the pressure build from behind. Other eager new grads were clamoring at the chance to speak, to shine.  

I stood there and thought this isn’t going as I planned. I barely got a couple words in let alone make an impression. The networking event was coming to a close as I stumbled out of the circle and back into the dispersing crowd. I’ll apply online and hopefully my application will stand out. The problem? There are a hundred students here, all thinking the same thing. Should I leave it to luck? Hope that a couple of key words and phrases I put in my resume match what’s inputted into their HR system? No, I thought, I can’t leave this to chance.

I turned around and found the hiring manager packing up with other representatives from the firm. This time she was alone. I nervously walked back and let her know I have one last question (not really...but it was a start!) We struck up a conversation that was comfortable, easy and aided by the fact I didn't have to compete with 10 other candidates. I explained what I was about and what I could offer. We only spoke for a couple of minutes but I knew I made a positive impact. A month later I was working for that company.

PitchUpp was created so every job seeker can have the chance to make an impact. On average, hiring managers will look at your application for a total of...6 seconds. The reason is simple; they receive a huge volume of applications. For every job posted online, an employer receives 250 applications. Every time you apply to a job online; you are standing in a crowd like I was, hoping and praying your application is picked out of the stack. You have a couple of seconds to make an impact. Do you think a resume will do the trick? Or maybe leave it to luck? Yeah, I didn’t think so either. So I ask, what’s your pitch?

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