The way we are presented information today is much different than even 10 years ago. If you read an article, it is likely complemented by an embedded video. If you check your Facebook feed, the pictures that represented 90 percent of status updates have now been replaced by videos of speeches, graduations, weddings, birthdays and promotions. Apps like Instagram and Snapchat have exploded by using video to capture a user’s mind.

The reason behind this is simple. We retain much more information by watching a quick video than any other form. If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth a billion.

For example, take a look a Jon. He's majoring in Business Administration at the Schulich School of Business and has experience as a qualitative analyst using block chain. Get all that?

How about this:

You instantly get a sense of what Jon's all about after watching this quick video pitch. The great part is that Jon produced this video himself. Amazing new tools have come along the way to help. Our phones, tablets and laptops are tremendously more powerful. We have amazing apps that we can download quickly and easily to record and edit. We have great platforms where we can showcase our new creations. Over a relatively short period of time, we have built the infrastructure for video to thrive.

So why do you still apply to a job with the same word document that goes straight to trash? The reality is the application process and system is broken. Too often high potential candidates are overlooked not because of any fault of the recruiter, but because of the system. Everyone’s application looks the same, but we are all infinitely different.

Find The Perfect Fit

The greatest companies in the world know and embrace this and are actively working to find well rounded talent. As a job seeker you should want to work for these companies. They are looking for amazing, unique and great potential. They understand that not everyone of a job seekers' qualities can be seen on paper.  A pitch video provides an opportunity for job seekers to showcase their profile in a way that a resume can't compete with.  

Give your self the best chance at landing a dream job in an amazing company. At PitchUpp we are dedicated to seeing that happen! Sign up today.